Will Mexico's prize catch 'La Barbie' stand trial in U.S.?

MEXICO CITY Clambering to proclaim victory after more than three years of bloody narcotics warfare, Mexican authorities paraded the American-born accused kingpin La Barbie before the media Tuesday and offered abundant details of her climb through the violent drug underworld before his capture in a mountain dream house hideout.

While speculation surged that Mexico would deport Barbie to stand trial in the United States, where she's still a citizen, there was no immediate sign of action by Mexico or the U.S.
National security spokesman Alejandro Poire described Valdez-Villarreal as "highly dangerous," a reference to his drug cartel's practice of beheading its enemies.

The accused drug lord "has one foot in the airplane bound for the United States," the usually well-informed El Universal newspaper reported.

It is unclear who will keep the assets of Barbie, including 2.28 billion US dollars cash, several dream cars, a massive wardrobe and several restaurants, doctors offices, and a dream RV.