Why Is This Crocodile Smiling?

"Croc Hunter" Steve Irwin Killed Unironically

     Fans expressed shock at the death of popular Discovery Channel Program host and Wildlife Conservationist Steve Irwin after being attacked by a stingray during a documentary shoot on the Great Barrier Reef. Most expressed shock that the wild animal teasing that was the center of Mr. Irwin's show didn't kill him sooner.
     When asked, Boppi a 16 year old Australian Alligator at the Wildlife Safari Park said "This guy has been teasing us for years. I say he got what he had coming to him."
     Another gator, who asked we not identify him by name added "You think I never tried to bite that guys leg? He was just really quick. I mean, I weigh like 1100 pounds and I got these little arms. I wish I had a gotten shot at him in the water. When I told Trudy what happened he laughed so hard he blew a chicken bone out of his nose. Now that's funny".