Area Woman to Give Birth to Delicious Rotisserie Chicken

     East Bethel resident and prodigious procreator Jennifer Smith thought she was having a normal summer. While for the past eight summers, it is normal for Mrs. Smith to be with child, this year is turning out a little different. During a routine prenatal checkup, ultrasound technician Gina Anderson was unable to explain what she was seeing.
     "It appears that instead of the twin boys we thought Mrs. Smith was carrying, it is actually some kind of poultry, probably a chicken". Doctors later confirmed it is a 4 pound Kenny Rogers Oven Roasted Rotisserie Chicken. While it is still unclear how this is possible, doctors are certain there is some kind of sidedish behind the left drumstick.
     "We know it's there, we just cant tell what it is yet. My money is on Garlic Seasoned New Potatoes".