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Today's Headlines


     So after using I found a Great Uncle who was an African American.  I have never heard any of my family mention the Griffins or this Great-Uncle Nate.  To be honest, I dont see the resemblence.


A New Entry in the Dog/Guy Roster.
     One of the things I have done that got the most positive feedback was the Bob Seger/Springer Spaniel pic.  Celebrity Dogs  I found the next entry - this Whippet is a ringer for (irony) Snoop Dogg. 

     Next Issue >>  Area Man Had It Up To Here With You Kids

Rare Freebie Plug: Help keep shoes on my baby's feet.

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And on the 7th day after resting and getting tired of looking at His watch every 10 minutes, The Lord created the Major League Baseball All-Star Game and decreed it to be the only All Star Game with any relevance.


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