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The leader of the Free World - Lyndon Baines Johnson.  You can take the old boy out of Texas...

Every once in a while I run across a web site, and it makes my wish I could do that:
You can also do a You Tube search for "Tales of Mere Existence"
Here is my favorite: I'm Not Going To Think About Her

Perhaps the greatest Onion article of all time:

A really cool toolbar, like Google "I feel lucky" button, only this brings up pages you might actually want to see.  My username is jollyguy for anyone trying to stumble upon me.

You cant argue with math.

Homestar Runner.  A great flash generated cartoon world.  I highly recommend Strongbad Email.  Thanks to my cousin Josh for turning me on to this.  Long Live Strongbadia!

For those of you who enjoy seeing Master Shake from Aqua Teen Hunger Force take a beating, or the time on Reno911 the boys did a Rodney King on Milkshake Mike, check out this real life beverage conveyance beatdown. 

askaninja.com.  I would accuse him of stealing Ask Dave! from me, but I do not want him to look forward to killing me soon.



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