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Who is Dave?  What is this website about?  Don't I at least get dinner and a movie first?

These questions are asked of me a lot.  Let me do my best to give you a Bio Page to satisfy the seemingly unending curiosity of my readers.

Dave O'Brien


Favorite Food:
Wrap it in a tortilla and I will wrestle it down my well worn gullet.

Sorry ladies, I am married to a wonderful girl who has the grace of a snowflake, but could drink a rodeo clown under the table.

Network Administrator for the baddest pump manufacturer in the world.  CatPumps - The Pump with Nine Lives  www.catpumps.com

Rap Sheet:
No convictions, but once I did get a ticket for having unregistered livestock in my basement (...long story).

Favorite Rolling Stones Album:
Some Girls.

Beverage of Choice:
Depending on the season, New Castle Brown Ale, or hot summer day Grain Belt Premium.

Last Books Read:
Flyboys by James Bradley, Foot Soldier by Roscoe C. Blunt.

Favorite Movies:
Godfather 1 and 2, Good Will Hunting, Jerry McGwire, Shawshank Redemption.  Too close to call a favorite.

Greatest Sports Moment Witnessed (TV):
A couple, Puckett Catch/Homerun Game 6 1991 World Series, Kirk Gibson game-winning homerun off Dennis Eckersley in Game 1 of the 1988 World Series.

Greatest Sports Moment Witnessed (Live):
Fenway Park, Game 3 2004 American League Wildcard Playoffs, David Ortiz homers off of Jared Washburn to win the series and move on to the American League Championship Series.

Favorite Jimmy Buffett Song: That's tough.  Probably "Son of Son of a Sailor", although I am a big fan of "Honey Do"

Something You Might Not Know About Me: When I was five, I got pinched for stealing a Plen-T-Pak of Juicy Fruit gum from Zayre Shopper City.  My big mistake was I wouldn't give any to my sister when she found out I had it, so she narced me out to my mom who marched me into the store and made me return it and apologize.  I learned my lesson that day:  Sometimes you have to negotiate away a cut of the loot to get away with the crime.

Want a question answered?  Just email Dave and I will post the answer.


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