I went into the Bank on Saturday to perform some small business style commerce.  I had a rather large deposit of checks.  While I stood in line I overheard someone at the drive through say through the intercom: "You sent me cash back - I didn't have any cash coming back".

Now this got my attention.  The guy working the drive thru said back to the customer "just send it back, sorry about that".  He then took that cash and put it in a different carrier and sent it through the tube and said "Thanks, have a nice day".  The young lady next to him wrinkled her nose at him and he replied with the same.

Not a word of "I cant believe that I did that" or "wow, that was close".  Just a LOL nose wrinkle.  I looked around to see if there was some older man or woman who looked like they were in charge.  You know, a school secretary with glasses on a neck chain or some Mr. Mooney looking older man who was about to yell "Mrs. Carmichael!" 

Nobody.  Just a pack of 20 somethings like a sorority mixer was about to bust out.  Thin, young women - quaffed and made up.  Young men - in ties with a hint of leftover adolescent acne.  The whole scene made me feel like if I had been drunk, and passed out on one of the uncomfortable loveseats in the lobby, that when I came to someone would have had drawn a penis on my forehead with a Sharpie.

I thought "am I getting that old?" or maybe that is just a very youthful looking crew who staffs my bank on Saturday morning.  My guess is that it is a bit of both. 

Now stay off my lawn.

DOB 03/29/12

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The Vast Opinion Archive


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