Suck It, iPhone!

I have never been so excited about the impending release of a piece of hardware.  From the first time I saw it late in 2008, I have been smitten.  The announced release for this phone was set for "sometime in the first half of 2009".  I immediately signed up to be alerted when they set a release date.

I have been a loyal Microsoft Dogfood eater for over three years making sure that the phone I owned used Windows Mobile OS.  I know full well that the Windows Mobile OS is inferior.  That it was one of those Microsoft divisions that really didn't have their heart into creating a product that is truly innovative.  But it was usable and it was Microsoft, so I used it.

Then, Apple released the iPhone and while I had no desire to join in the craze, I did admire the sleek and sexy form.  But like much of what Apple promotes, the form is more important than the structure.  Things such as a sexy glossy onscreen keyboard is notoriously susceptible to typos, particularly when used by a think fingered techie.  There was no native support for connections to Microsoft Exchange, a deal breaker for many corporate users, and of course the

But despite the typical Apple highly polished turd approach, I found myself wanting one.  Why?  The web browser and the fact that support has been added so I can use it for corporate email.  I had one in the cart on, ready to start the checkout process when it dawned on me: I hate Apple with the white hot intensity of a thousand burning suns.  I can't put money in the pockets of this company that values style over substance.  No, not a single red cent from Dave O'Brien.  I wont buy an iPhone, I wont use an iPod or iTunes, and I sure as the Good Lord created little green apples wont ever own a Mac.

So the iPhone is out, what are my options?  My want list is short- Full Support for Microsoft Exchange, 3G Speed Internet, and a full QWERTY Keyboard.  Then I saw a bit on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon - and I am back to being stoked on the Pre.  It has a glossy full screen, touch screen controls, accelerometer for detecting the orientation of the phone, and a sweet slide out QWERTY Keyboard. Its got everything I am looking for, except it isn't available.


I am excited about the Palm Pre, so much so that I am willing to wait till June, and become an early adopter of a new gadget.  Not only is it a sweet-assed phone, but it will allow me to reclaim the moral high ground and shout from the mountaintop "Hey Apple - Suck it you Hippies!"

DOB 3/20/09

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