"Lovelines - Wednesday, October 13, 1982 Volume 4 Number 79"


     I am weary arguing about politics, and discussing 9/11 the intellectual midgets who think the World Trade Center collapse was a controlled demolition perpetrated by the government, the Jews, and Burt Bacharach.  I am ready for something light and happy.  Lets talk about music.

My favorite band, local teen sensations (circa 1985 anyway) The Replacements have been broken up for about 20 years now.  But their music, is as powerful as the first time I heard it, back when the earth was still cooling, and I had not yet been beaten down by "The Man".

For those of you unfamiliar with the boys - Paul Westerberg, Bob Stinson, Tommy Stinson, and Chris Mars - they cranked out some garage band level music in the early 80's.  If you went down to the CCC Club on Lyndale, you were as likely to be hit it the face with a mic stand as you were by a quality performance.  But out of this average post punk band emerged a great American rock band, once dubbed the "best band you've never heard of" by Peter Buck of REM.  I came to them late, by my buddy and frequent do.com contributor Brian Smith.  Smith saw them back in the day at Kauffman Union and 7th Street Entry, where on-stage fist fights between band members were common.  I didn't get a chance to see them live.  I did see Paul at the State Theater in '93 and that show kicked it, but alas, until Mr Peabody comes up with a way back machine, these mp3's are all we have.


Here in no order, are what I consider to be some great works of the Mats.  You may click on them to listen.  Remember, lets leave the RIAA out of this, huh?


Kids Donít Follow - Stink
A perfect example of early Replacements - fast and loud. 
Canít Hardly Wait - Pleased To Meet Me
With the release of Pleased To Meet Me, the Mats were starting to pull away from the drunken garage 'lets see how fast we can play' style.  This is a great song with accompaniment and polish.
I Will Dare - Let It Be
Their first song that I think shows the potential for this bands greatness.
Johnnyís Gonna Die - Sorry Ma, Forgot To Take Out The Trash
One of those early songs that like finding a treasure by stripping an old piece of furnature, some melody eases out of this song.
Color Me Impressed - Hootenany
Lyrical equivalent of the phrase Dance Like No One Is Watching.
Left Of The Dial - Tim
The Indie Label anthem.
Kiss Me On The Bus - Tim
I wished I had asked Lori Fink to kiss me on the bus...but I didn't.
If Only You Were Lonely - Released As A Single
You wouldn't think a Punk inspired garage band would be influenced by Hank Williams Sr., but you'd be wrong.
One Wink At A Time - All Shook Down
A great example of the clever lyrics Westerberg is known for, once released from the yoke of the bully Bob Stinson.
All Shook Down - All Shook Down
Is this the same band who did Gary's Got A Boner?
Within Your Reach - Hootenany
Paul, a guitar, a drum machine, and an 8 track recorder at 3am.
Skyway - Pleased To Meet Me

A Minneapolis referenced ballad.




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