"The Kids Are All Right"


     Fall is in the air, so it must be School Referendum time!  Breath deeply and take in the smells of the season...the crisp north breeze, wood smoke, and of course the malodorous scent of Minnesota Teachers Union Bullshit.


     Anoka Hennepin School District #11, Minnesota's largest school district with almost half a billion dollars budget at their disposal, timely as tick-or-treaters, stand before us with their goodie bags agape, crying out for more.

If you dare to ask some tough questions such as:

  • What happened to the money from the last levy that was supposed to see us through? 
  • Where is all the money from increased property taxes and new residents? 
  • How can I believe this will be the last time you ask for more money before the end of the next bond?

then you clearly hate children and don't care about our future.  Not true.  I send my child to public school.  I have a stake in the success of of the district, but I want there to be accountability for the vast sums of money we give the school district.  Prove that you are good stewards of our trust and our money.  Right now, I'm just not feeling it.

     The Star Tribune headline sort of lays out the game plan:
Sizable layoffs, larger class sizes and higher activity fees are likely consequences. District officials blame the crunch on rising costs and what they say is insufficient state funding. October 10, 2007 North Metro Section

     Whenever there is a shortfall for whatever reason, the first weapon used is telling parents that there will be bussing cuts, cutting of and increased fees for extra curricular activities, and of course school closings.  Things that are sure to get those with children in the district's attention.

     Hey MEA, I am putting it to you.  75% of the operating budget goes to salaries. Your union's steadfast refusal to discuss merit pay or give concessions for the seniority rules insure that this broken system stays broken.  But don't worry too much about it, your $15 doctors office copays are safe.  Or maybe I'm getting the information wrong.  Perhaps I need to ask one of your 54 full time lobbyists to explain the situation to me.


DOB 10/11/2007

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