Here is my handicapping of the 2008 Presidential Election
     Yesterday, my buddy asked me "Aren't you scared of Obama"?  Scared, no... not really.  The Illinois Senator is an old school 'redistribute the wealth from those who earn, to those who do not' Democrat.   I feel like he is the 'devil you know'.  Now Al Gore, that guy scares the shit out of me.  He says that blocking the entrances to coal burning power plants is on an equal moral footing as staging a sit-in at a segregated lunch counter in Selma.  That's just plain crazy talk.  It's "my secret bodyguard Captain Pajama Shark is warning me to watch for binary encoded messages in my Raisin Bran" crazy talk.   

     No, I am not scared.  Just sad really.  Remember that it wasn't an invading army that conquered Rome, it collapsed under its own weight once the electorate discovered it could vote itself monies from the treasury.  Entitlements, unfunded mandates, and unbridled spending have already eroded the foundation of this great Republic.  As a nation we have so lost focus and taken our eye off the ball.  If the electorate wants to have a knee jerk spasm and elect a socialist, so be it.  So same thing that made me run away from the Republican Party screaming with my arms over my head like Kermit the Frog introducing Elton John is what both candidates are running on: Which candidate is going to handout more?

In my home state of Minnesota, Obama holds an 11% lead in the polls.  It has been my contention, which is not scientific, that 8% of the population that would tell a pollster they will be voting for Obama will not once they get into a voting booth.  This tells me that while Obama will win, it wont be by the margin predicted.

The same friend who is scared of Obama is so sure that he is willing to bet lunch at Taco Bell that McCain will win.  So doing the math on the polls and running it through the racism filter, I am predicting an Obama win by 3-4%.

Man...This is going to be like taking a Chalupa from a Baby.


DOB 11/3/08

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