June 6th, 1944

The first few weeks of summer is what J.R.R. Tolkien referred to it as High Summer.  I have always been a big fan of about May 20 through June 20.  Spring giving way to summer, the verve still green, kids out of school, winter just a fading memory.

However, June 6th is a somber day for me.  I have very strong opinions about the anniversary of the Allied Normandy Invasion in 1944.  I have been pretty hard on nearly everyone around me, the media in particular.  Most years, there is barely a mention of the great sacrifice American, British and Canadian boys made on that beach and inland on that day 65 years ago.

Here is my Opinion piece from a few years ago that sums it up nicely for me: http://www.daveobrien.com/opinionmain-dday.asp

So fast forward to this year, where I heard that President Obama will be present for a ceremony commemorating the landings on June 6th.  No shit?  He is going to be there?  I am starting to take a shine to that guy. 

I didn't vote for him, and he certainly travels in circles that I do not care for.  But you know what?  He might be the right guy at the right time.  At the very least it is clear to me he gets it.

And all it took was the cost of airfare to France for me to figure it out.

DOB 6/2/09

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