Double D Standard


While I am a big fan of boobs, I have always had a vague sense of unease around breast feeding. It is like I am intruding on an intimate moment between a mother and child. I think this is a common deal with men. Maybe men view it as the baby turning something that they have always perceived as a sexual thing into something wholesome. Or perhaps men are jealous there is another more utilitarian use for the breast. It is like they are some kind of Swiss Army Boob. Is there anything these miracles of nature canít do?

Image: Babytalk coverAs long as it is done discreetly, I have no problem with breastfeeding a baby in public (under age 1, older than that starts to get creepy, but that is for another opinion piece). Just throw a towel or a woobie over the kid and let them go to town. Not a huge deal in my book, and I thought this was pretty much the prevailing sentiment. I guess I was wrong based on the letters that BabyTalk Magazine received after picturing a baby breast feeding on the cover of their August 2006 issue.

Be honest, you can see more breast on the cover of People magazine some weeks. It is a beautiful baby, and an equally beautiful side-boob shot  (Itís funnier if you say it like Peter GriffinÖ"siiiide-boooob" - Family Guy - Side Boob). I mean come on, is there anything more innocent and pure than that baby? What a messed up culture we live in that says Jessica Simpsonís Double Ds on a magazine cover, good. Baby breast feeding, bad. 


Get over it lalache-phobes, the 1950's are gone and they aren't coming back.  And while I agree, it would be nice to come home from work greeted by my wife in an apron and high heels, breast feeding mothers should not be treated like pariahs.  Tender, juggy pariahs.  Nobody is asking you to put breast milk on your cocoa-puffs, or watch hotel specrta-vision porno-lite.  At worst, what I am asking you to do is answer your kids questions about it when they see it at the mall.

DOB 9/21/2006


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The Vast Opinion Archive


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