A candid shot before the honey ran out.

The next photos were on my camera, I have no memory of taking any photos after I ran out of food.

Bear Attacks Area Internet Entrepreneur and Folk Hero, Steals
Pic-A-Nic Basket

     I was up north this weekend for Labor Day and minding my own business, eating some honey in the woods when I heard something coming through the underbrush.  It was a large bear, and he seemed like one of those friendly bears like the kind that rides a bike at the circus. 
     Well he came over and smelled that honey and he was all over it.  I fed him all I had, plus the two ham sandwiches and a whole box of Blueberry Nutri-grain bars I had in my basket.  This running out of food seemed to really irritate him cause he knocked me over and starting tearing the basket apart.  He was standing with both front paws on my chest bouncing up and down like this was going to make me produce more food or something.  I guess he got tired of shredding my shirt and clawing at me because he just wandered off and disappeared. 
     But I got the last laugh as I enjoyed the Snickers I had in my shorts pocket.  SUCKER!
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