Outsourcing Tech Jobs Increases Foreseen
      Opponents of outsourcing American tech jobs to the developing world whose claims of irreparable harm to the economy were given something to think about this week.  Several India based tech companies have themselves outsourced some programming and help desk jobs to domestic animals.
     Rajeed Anamabalapalagnati, a spokesman for the Chipp Group of Jaipur India asks why the First World should be the only ones who profit from outsourcing. 
     "American companies discovered that they can drive profitability by farming certain functions to off shore companies with greatly reduced labor costs.  We looked at this model and applied portions to our own businesses.  For instance, we contract with a US telecommunications provider.  Instead of a customer waiting on hold, we can now offer an online chat with a cat who can resolve many level one issues".
     This feline outsourcing movement has caught the eye of US based companies, who are piloting programs of their own, several of whom have begun to recruit American cats with Visual Basic, C++ and .NET programming experience.  
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