Guest Editorial: Don't Interrupt Me When I am Eating Corn
By Henry Weis, Andover MN

      I love corn. It's true. I don't care if it is frozen, from a can, creamed style, whole kernel, fresh from the field or out of the freezer, I'll eat it. I have never tried silage, but I'll bet if you put butter and salt on it, I could eat it.
      With that said, I do have a favorite. Corn grilled in the husk is the best. So you can imagine how I feel around harvest time. All you can eat corn on the cob, it's the best.
      So if you see me at a church festival or county fair up to my elbows in melted butter, don't bug me. Even if you are a hot chick that wants to talk to me; go away. Can't you see I am eating corn? You want a hug? I don't care! Get away till I am done with the corn. You want me to go to the Sadie Hawkins dance with you? Great, lets discuss it sometime when I don't have access to all the corn on the cob I can eat. Damn!
      Even though it should be obvious to everyone, now you know. Don't interrupt me when I am eating corn.
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