Iraqi Defense Forces Undermined By Insurgent Trained Humping Dogs
      A recent review of the troops by Iraqi Defense Forces, meant as a show of strength to bolster their standing with the Iraqi people, ended badly.  In the midst of a speech regarding the readiness of his units to releave American soldiers, General Ali Ew Faquadi's troops were attacked with a new weapon in the enemies arsenal: Giant Humping Dogs.
     Large Shepard mix breed dogs began jumping on soldiers and officers alike, wrapping their gangly legs around whoever was nearest and humping them to the ground.
     A witness to the event speaking with anonymity said "Yeah, these were some really big dogs, and they were humping like mad.  The general tried to keep speaking like nothing was happening, which is crazy, because everywhere you looked, there were these dogs going to town on everyone!"
     Attempts to counter this new threat are made difficult as it is hard to find a pail of cold water to throw when it is 115 degrees in the shade.

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