Area Man Shuts Down Local Fireworks Display
     Residents of Oak Grove, Andover, Cedar, and other surrounding northern communities look forward to the St Patrick's Country Fest each year. It is a good way for the community to show support for St Pat's and enjoy some wholesome family fun.
     After a day of playing games, eating fair food, and checking out the classic cars, the festival is topped off by a fireworks display that normally delights the attendees. This year was different however.
     An Area Man shut down the fireworks show just as it was getting underway. Donning a Fire Chief Helmet, Self Appointed Fire Chief Dave O'Brien stormed the fireworks staging area and declared conditions "unsuitable" for a fire works display.
     "I though is was a joke" asid Jim Holdinger, fireworks safety supervisor for Holdinger Displays. "This guy in a plastic kids fire hat marches up and starts raving how it is too windy and he was shutting us down. I started to laugh, but then I saw he was serious."
     O'Brien defended his position saying "That place was a tinder box, one spark and she goes up like pile of gasoline soaked straw".

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