A Legacy of Jackassary Lives On
     A full six plus years after leaving ADP Hollander for greener greens at the unnamed national pre-swung golf equipment company, my legacy lives on.  I had a good friend and current employee of the Information Empire Automatic Data Processing forward an image from some online documentation.
     Let me backup.  After deciding to leave ADP, I realized that those who I left behind would miss my special brand of smart-ass humor and that I had better bury a few well placed "easter-eggs" on the Intranet site.
     These easter eggs were images of the "Dog Balls Button" from my favorite Onion article.  Today, I received a email from aforementioned friend stating she was asked if this was an apporved part of the documentation.
     You bet your ass it is.  Approved by daveobrien.com


Figure 1.1  Not exactly the Washington Monument, the Dog Balls Easter Egg.

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