Area Bar Institutes New Restroom Policy
      After the raucous show performed by the Atomic Punks on Saturday, the cleanup crew at Pov's Bar in Andover had more than just a few empty glasses and some trash to take out.  Sometime between the hours of 12am and 2am Sunday morning, someone vomited the into the first urinal on the left in the men's room, leaving a mess that required use of the rarely used garden hose/floor squeegee cleanup method.
    While it is unclear who exactly is responsible for this act, clearly the individual was subjected to Mexican food, Makers Mark Bourbon, a rum and coke, several mystery shots of a purplish nature, and vast quantities of tap beer.
     John Lopez, who was tasked with spearheading the cleanup said " cant make it another 5 steps to the toilet?  I mean come on."
     While the editorial staff of condemns this act, we must urge restraint in jumping to conclusions, and finger pointing.  We strongly believe that the whole matter should just be forgotten, and not talked about anymore.
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