Area Dog Benefits from Transplant Research
      It is amazing what they can do with organ transplantation these days. My sister in laws dog lost an eye when he was a pup, when he ran into a tree. It has always been a little unsettling looking at that one eyed dog. (Gigitty).
     Well after receiving a call from the University of Wisconsin Whitewater Veterinary School, my sister-in-law took her dog in for what she thought was going to be a prosthetic eye. Turns out she got more.
     Dr. Bernhard Volderquist explains "We are able to take the eye out of a human donor, and give it to a canine subject. The dog will have virtually perfect vision out of that eye after 6 weeks".
     I just wished my sister-in-law would have warned me before I came to visit.

Click For the After Surgery Picture


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