I Mean...What is that Thing?
Getting older means several things. Not the least of which is having unidentified skin anomalies spring up every so often. Well last week I had a "skin bump" that I scratched against a golf cart and it began to bleed like it had been shanked in a prison shower.
Long story short - two weeks later I am still opening this thing up almost daily, so it has to go. Do I call and make a doctors appointment? No way, who's got time for that. Besides, co-pays are a tool of The Man to keep me down. So I layout my Home Surgery Kit in front on the bathroom sink and put my game face on. Careful to give a liberal dousing of the entire area with 91% isopropyl alcohol, I start in. After several attempts, I am finally satisfied with my handiwork. That's the good news. The bad news is the bathroom now looks like the OJ / Bundy Ave. Crime Scene.
So now the bleeding is, well, lets just say manageable and the bathroom is presentable, and my medical waste, including the offending bump, are sealed in a plastic bag and in the outside garbage can.

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