Point of Civic Pride Turns Deadly

Pickering, Mississippi


For years in the town center of Pickering Mississippi, a 105mm howitzer has sat as a memorial to those who served in the Second World War. A few years ago, neighboring  Bloomfield Alabama set up a memorial featuring a Sherman Tank used in the assault on Normandy Beach.  Ever since then, the citizens of both towns have had a running disagreement over which town has the better War Memorial.  Well now we know for sure who was right. 

     Late Tuesday, after an evening of drinking, a group of Pickering locals procured the 50 year old artillery piece from their town square and began shelling the tank monument in Bloomfield.  Upon hearing whistle of the incoming rounds, Bloomfield native Mark Jepsem gathered several members of the over 40 slow pitch softball team from Ricks Bar across the street from the big green memorial.  The hastily assembled militia braving the murderous hail of shells, managed to get the old Sherman started and began advancing on the Pickering position.

Pickerings artillery was having its way with Bloomfield until they got their armor into position and began to return fire.  Through the haze of the battlefield, reports of who had the upper had were unclear.

      It was only after several members of the Pickering VFW Honor Guard retrieved ceremonial rifles from their glass case and entered the pitched battle did the tide turn against Bloomfield.

     “I just wish we could have found someone to fly The Phantom” commented wounded Bloomfield tank gunner Jason Strom referring to the F-4E Phantom II on a pole at the entrance to the nearby Air National Guard Base.  “That would have showed them…”.

      Both Mississippi and Alabama State Police are investigating the incident and are not ruling out the possibility of filing charges.

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Point of Civic Pride Turns Deadly