Shuttle Mission Winds Down



         The Space Shuttle Discovery pulled away from the International Space Station on Wednesday and began what they thought was the journey home, ending a nine-day visit highlighted by the installation of a new Japanese lab.

     After the shuttle undocked, pilot Ken Ham backed Discovery away and guided it around the space station so the crew could take pictures.


     Their expected Saturday return will need to be rescheduled for Sunday after newest crewman Gregory Chamitoff misplaced his cell phone.  "Dude.  We gotta go back.  I forgot my phone." Chamitoff told mission commander Mark Kelly.


     "I told them 'go to the bathroom and make sure you have every thing before we go'" Commander Mark Kelly told the space shuttle crew before leaving.  "Of course does Greg follow orders?  No.  He just shouts 'Shotgun!' and jumps in the shuttle".  

     Before leaving the International Space Station for a second time, Kelly stated  "We didn't train for 18 month and travel hundreds of thousands of miles to be subjected to this level of unprofessionalism.  I have been in the Space Program for more than 16 years and I have never seen this level of incompetence and what's more troubling, a lack of focus.  The smallest mistakes can mean damage to million dollar tools or worse, the injury or death of a crewman.  Focus is critical...for..for the...Hey, has anybody seen my keys?" 


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Space Shuttle Mission Winds Down
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