Celebrities Show Support for Area Man

Andover, Minnesota


     The red carpet was rolled out this weekend as area entrepreneur and publisher of daveobrien.com took some time to celebrate his good fortune with a party.  One year after dissolving his relationship with a well known, locally owned, used sporting equipment retailer, they went into bankruptcy and were forced to liquidate. 

     "I hold no ill will, but, I don't know why some former bosses feel the need to talk smack after the fact.  It's petty and shows a lack of principal and understanding of true leadership."  Mr. O'Brien would not give any other details, fearing litigation, but did add "he knows who he is". 

     "Tonight is just a chance to share a little of the luck and good fortune that has really followed me throughout my career.  I have gotten where I am today with help from a lot of very good people." 


     Several members of the Rolling Stones took time from their busy schedule as they prepare for their next concert tour.  Rock Icon Mick Jagger when asked about his relationship with Mr. O'Brien replied.  "We just wanted to show our love for the guy, do you know what I mean?" 

     The Stones Ron Woods was quoted as saying "You know...hahaheh, it's in a pretty thing that don't you want, and Davy calls and its all about you know I say it's me Ronnie baby...yeah!"

     Several other stars who were in attendance included Kevin Costner, CTO of Microsoft Craig Mundie, Carley Simon, Ted Wilson of "Love Boat" fame, Yankees Center Fielder Johnny Damon, Matt Damon (no relation), and some chick who said she used to date Mark Wahlberg.

     Former mentor, bully, boss, and the man to whom Dave "owes it all", Doug Barton, declined the invitation and could not be reached for comment.


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