The Prince of Peace-Out?

West Jerusalem, Israel


         There have been many books published in the last few decades surrounding the details of Jesus Christ's time here on earth.  A startling discovery has been made in West Jerusalem, Israel last month that could change the way we view Christ, his disciples and teachings. 
     While studying texts and archeological sites, Oxford Professor Winthrop Price made several findings.
       "My research would suggest that current teachings may not be entirely accurate.  I believe He was involved in more of what may be seen as a gang.  He was in a struggle to control an area of Western Jerusalem, frequently fighting with East Jerusalem gangs and of course the Roman Empire, who was ultimately in control."
     These claims have been met with wide spread skepticism and attacked as Anti-Christian, but many of the facts surrounding the circumstances of Christ's ministries are not.

      Clarence Hidarth, a researcher and Early Christian Studies lecturer remains skeptical of these claims.

    "Certainly He did lead a group of young men known as his Disciples, who swore themselves to follow Him, His Lieutenant Judas Iscariot always at His side, but in the end betrayed Him to the authorities... but that doesn't mean... I know what that sounds wait a minute..." 

     Price's coup de grace is an etching that has been made into stained glass windows in several prominent churches in Europe does seem to depict the Prince of Peace flashing what is widely held to be the sign for "West Side" gangsters. 


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